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The PILL Podcast

Feb 14, 2019

Dr. Roberto Cardarelli, Chief of the Division of Population Medicine and Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at UK HealthCare is a Quality Improvement Guru. He is an expert in Population Health, which Wikipedia defines as: "the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. It is an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire human population.”

In our interview, he explains why population health management is so important, especially for states like Kentucky, which struggles with poor health outcomes. He takes population health management, a seemingly huge task, and breaks it into small, bite-size pieces: access and analyze your data; start with small tests of change; look at TCM (Transitional Care Management) and CCM (Chronic Care Management) to increase reimbursements; and lastly, be creative.